With over 30 years of activity, Cibio developed a considerable know-how in the manufacturing of luxury textile accessories
Foulards of several dimensions, including the 90x90 cm belonging to the classical tradition, and the 60x60bandannas; any size scarves, shawls up to 140x140; bow ties and cummerbunds : these are our most requested items

But ties are Cibio's strong point: both for dyed and printed ties, the attention for details is absolute also thanks to the internal laboratory where all manufacturing steps are carried on with the utmost maestry and craftsmanship, creating a final product which is unique, hand-made and entirely italian.

Cibio can moreover count on a network of skilled and highly reliable suppliers, thanks to whom our company guarantee maximum flexibility, both for quantities and for kinds of products. This clearly allows us to fulfill even the most demanding requests.

Our Products